Mechanical Services
Collaborate for Better Solutions

Whether you need an efficient kitchen exhaust system for your retail shop or figure out how to replace your inefficient central mechanical plant, you want to partner with Centric Building Services Engineers. We are here for you and our mechanical engineers are experts in:

  • Heating: adding thermal energy
  • Cooling: removing thermal energy
  • Humidifying: adding moisture
  • Dehumidifying: removing moisture
  • Cleaning: removing particulates and contaminants
  • Ventilation: diluting gaseous contaminants
  • Air movement: circulating and mixing air for proper ventilation and thermal energy transfer

Our highly experienced and qualified engineering team stays informed and on top of the latest technologies. Our philosophy in utilizing our broad engineering skill sets and extensive understanding of codes of practice with current technologies, coupled with our mechanical services consultancy provides unique and creative solutions which meet the client’s expectations, not only by realizing the client’s needs but particularly by our strict adherence to the ethical principles of public relations.

Centric Building Services Engineers design for diverse projects and clients. Each of our engineers is given the opportunity to lead projects and be a core mechanical engineer to our team. Working on many types of tasks in a variety of capacities helps each engineer to build a deep knowledge base. They learn how to design flexible solutions that work for the present and the future. So, they can help you strike just the right balance between performance and cost. Our highly experienced engineering services teams can provide you with detailed assessments, creative solutions, recommend alternatives and work with you to design high-functioning systems to fit your specific needs.

Our expertise covers:
  • Mechanical and Natural Ventilation System Design
  • Air Conditioning Design
  • Central Plant Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Office VAV Systems
  • Comms Rooms Cooling Systems
  • Under Floor Heating and Cooling Systems
  • Building Management Systems (BMS)
  • Dust & Fume Extraction Systems
  • Medical Gas and Dental Gas Systems
  • Smoke Exhaust Management

If you can envision it, than we can design it tell us more about your project